Optimize the way you
communicate & sell to your HCPs

Gain valuable insights on HCP decisions, behaviors, and optimal touchpoints, allowing you to accurately map and influence your customers' journeys. 

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to educate and build brand affinity with your customers.

Let ODAIA guide you!

Platform Integrations

Connect your existing CRM, marketing automation, LMS and CX platform APIs, together with 3rd party physician and prescription data.

Enabling sales and marketing teams to understand, predict and change their customer journeys.
Customer insights

Learn from and classify physician behavior from every touchpoint, creating a complete map of effective results-driven sales and marketing activities.

Empowering sales teams

Leverage advanced AI to support your sales teams with:

  • Intelligent Prospecting

  • HCP Rankings and Segments

  • Content Recommendations

  • Next Best Actions

Trust & Security

Privacy by design has been integrated into every part of our technology.

Every step is secure from data integrations, storage, access, analysis, and activation.

Omni-channel Insights

Enable your commercial teams to seamlessly optimize and automate omni-channel engagement with healthcare providers.

  • the right content

  • the optimal channel

  • the best cadence

  • for each HCP

...and can activate directly back into your existing tools and workflows.

Place the power of big data analytics and

AI into the hands of your commercial teams.

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Learn how ODAIA can:

  • Increase your sales performance within the first few months of use

  • Empower your reps to become top performers

  • Provide your marketing and omni-channel teams with rich insights

  • Seamlessly integrate with your current CRM and Marketing tools ​​

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