AI-powered customer segmentation and predictive analytics for Shopify merchants

Our insights and predictive analytics for Shopify merchants enriches your customer profiles and identifies audience targeting segments based on your specific performance goals.

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Customer Insights You’ve NEVER Had


Deep Customer Insights

Go beyond just knowing your customer’s name, email, postal code, and AOVs. Learn who they actually are, what they like, and how do they feel. We will match your customer data with:


  • Largest life events & location products 

  • Proprietary visa transactions

  • 10,000+ data elements 

  • Leading demographic & financial data



Goal Driven & Behavioral  Segmentation

Understand your loyalists, at risk, repeaters, or high-value customers WITH the power of Multiüd’s deep demographic insights AND intuitive data visualization.


  • Customer Lifetime Value Segments

  • Customer buying trend segments

  • Product-based segmentation


Predicting Next Best Audiences



Learn and predict:

  • What emails and Ads work

  • How could you improve your Flows?

  • Which audience is the best to target?

  • How to optimize your Royalty program?

  • What product offerings you should focus on?


Made for Shopify merchants!

In partnership with Dentsu Canada


Dentsu M1 is a people-based identity and data platform that leverages individual, device, and
panel data across markets worldwide.


ODAIA Multitüd will combine these capabilities to provide Shopify merchants with deep
customer insights and enable addressable media targeting opportunities.