Maptual is a sales and marketing automation platform for the life sciences industry

Maptual taps into your existing data sources to deliver AI-enabled CRM suggestions to your reps together with insights on marketing campaign effectiveness, HCP journeys and segmentation.

Maptual delivers interaction suggestions, marketing insights and campaign activations for each healthcare provider based on objectives that you create in a simple-to-use tool.

For Sales Reps

Empower your sales teams with insights on high-value HCPs together with simplified suggestions for all interactions.

For Marketing & Omni-Channel

Understand the actual customer journeys of your HCPs, the effectiveness of specific campaigns and leverage AI-recommendations for your next campaign activations.

Platform Integrations

Connect your CRM, marketing automation, expense, and CX platform APIs, together with physician and prescription data.

Trust & Security

Privacy by design has been integrated into every part of our technology.

Every step is secure from data integrations, storage, access, analysis, and activation.

How We Do What We Do

Maptual uses advanced methods in process mining, machine learning and AI to analyze all sales and marketing touch points that lead to specific outcomes, in order to build behavioral profiles of every HCP. 

These profiles are used in conjunction with customer journey mapping and customer segmentation analysis to drive specific sales and marketing recommendations in addition to delivering insights on omni-channel attribution.

Sounds complicated?

Don't worry, all of that happens behind the scenes.
Our web-based tools are easy to use and deploy and we integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Learn how Maptual can:

  • Increase your sales performance within the first few months of use

  • Empower your reps to become top performers

  • Provide your marketing and omni-channel teams with rich insights

  • Seamlessly integrate with your current CRM and Marketing tools ​​

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