MAPTUAL Field Helps Pharma Sales Reps Turn Hours into Minutes 

Whether you are entering a new territory, looking to grow market share, or looking to make a larger impact within your organization, MAPTUAL Field can help you connect with HCPs better, faster, and more effectively.
Maptual Pharma Sales Solution Dashboard

Below you will find a breakdown of what pharma sales reps struggle with and experience without MAPTUAL, and how MAPTUAL Field's features help solve some of the pain points commonly faced by pharma sales reps.

Time Relevant Insights

PowerList Shows HCPs Ranked by Score

How can I know the data and insights I’m using aren't outdated already?

By the time you get analysis from a 3rd party, it may not be relevant anymore
Leveling-up and putting your best foot forward can only happen if you have timely information
If you are in a new territory, your data has to be up-to-date or it will be even more challenging to make the right connections

The PowerList enables you to get near real-time actionable insights about HCPs.

Get a list of HCPs ranked by score based on 250+ data points
Set different active targeting selections based on your objectives to better engage with HCPs at the right time
MAPTUAL Field actively updates insights as new and updated data is input

Single User-Friendly Dashboard

Maptual PowerScore Shows HCP Value Score Based on Business Objectives

How can I spend more time talking with HCPs and less sifting through spreadsheets?

The average pharma sales rep is spending around 2 hours per day prepping for calls
Having to flip between multiple dashboards and fit the information together takes a lot of time away from connecting with HCPs
Spreadsheets can be great, but maybe they aren’t the best tool anymore

The PowerScore allows you to turn hours of work into minutes.

Gone are the days of flipping through multiple spreadsheets and dashboards
The average sales rep using MAPTUAL Field is able to cut down on the amount of time spent on pre-call planning
A single user-friendly self-serve customer data platform

Right HCPs, at the Right Time

Drop-Down Spotlight Segments Menu

How do I know which HCPs will be responsive at the right time?

If you only knew when HCPs would be looking for your therapeutics, it would be easier to speak to them at the right time
If you catch them at the right time, new business development leads and HCPs you have an existing relationship with would both be easier to engage
Talking to the right HCP, at the right time, can only lead to good outcomes

The Spotlight Segments allow you to prioritize your target HCPs.

Prioritize based on who you are currently having success with and where potential opportunities await
Find HCPs with recent PowerScore increases or other recent changes that can help you identify hidden opportunities
Engage with HCPs at the right time as insights change

Better Engagement with HCPs

Maptual Script Details Shows  HCP Script Data

I need a tool with one dashboard where I can see all the information I need easily.

You know you could perform a lot better if you had tools that allow you to stand out
If you were better equipped with a simplified dashboard, you could use that data to your advantage
Real-time insights would give you a huge edge in meeting sales targets and goals

HCP Script Details provide the right information to help drive engagement with HCPs.

Analyze your company’s script performance against other top competitors' market share
See where you can build new opportunities, strengthen current relationships, and track changes within your indication area with specific HCPs
Become better equipped with all the insights you need right at your fingertips within one dashboard

Proactive & Adaptable Strategies

Maptual Share Details Shows What Drives HCP Score

Why can’t I seem to get beyond a rinse and repeat model?

It’s difficult to be proactive and try new ideas when you can’t move beyond the same workflows you’ve always done
Things seem stuck because you can’t optimize your processes without different/better tools
Nothing is going to get better if nothing changes

HCP Share Details allow you to stand out and level up with the right information.

See where you can build new opportunities, strengthen current relationships, and track changes within your indication area with specific HCPs
Analyze your company’s drug share against the total market with HCPs
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