Explore MAPTUAL Sphere

Take Control of Target Lists

Use Customized Segmentation to help you monitor the market and respond to changing business objectives

Get a list of HCPs ranked by their PowerScore's which are based on over 250 engineered features

Dynamic insights help you understand the likelihood of HCPs in different segments to drive the best returns on your business objectives

MAPTUAL Sphere actively updates your insights and predictions with new data ingests from various partner and third party sources.

Reach the Right HCPs Among
the Most Effective Channels

Omnichannel Attribution shows how the channel effectiveness is changing over time

The toggle function on MAPTUAL's Omnichannel Attribution graph makes it easy to focus on a channel of interest, or compare the effectiveness of two or more channels

Using MAPTUAL Sphere, commercial teams are able to cut down on the amount of time spent manually analyzing channels to find what activities are most likely driving their Rx lift

MAPTUAL Sphere offers omnichannel attribution for individual HCPs, by micro-segment, by predictive segment, or by region.

Improve Transparency for
‍your Pharma Commercial Teams

The Export Function allows you to easily share data within your organization or upload into your CRM.

Discover and share where potential opportunities await with your entire department and organization

Analyze both historical analytics and future predictions across HCP segments and regions with real-time insights to strengthen and maximize your sales and marketing efforts

Drive operational efficiencies and scale your insights across your whole brand

Understand HCP Trends
to Varying Degrees of Detail

View HCP Trends at an aggregate or individual level with one click

Assess your brands performance holistically and comprehensively by comparing high level or specific insights

See where you can act on new opportunities, strengthen current relationships, and track changes within your market

Turn insights into actions by  being able to tie overarching themes and segment patterns back to individual HCPs' behaviours

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