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Impact of MAPTUAL

MAPTUAL Field provides sales reps with a granular view of health care providers, allowing pharma sales reps to use robust segments, prescription data - both historical and predicted - to improve their pre-call planning and spend more time seeing customers rather than analyzing data.

MAPTUAL Sphere enables sales managers to effectively coach their team by discussing territory brand and market dynamics and HCP channel preferences. Marketers are also able to understand the contribution of different channels, by HCP segment, on prescription trends to make better marketing strategy and execution decisions.

Add the Power of AI Predictions to the Way You Work

We help pharma sales & marketing teams engage with health care providers in a more personalized manner which helps bring life-altering therapeutics to the right patient, at the right time. Maximize your pharma sales and profits with AI predictive analytics solution that does more than the average business intelligence tools!"


Refine customer targeting using market drivers. Adjust them in real-time as necessary.


Understand Customer and Patient Journeys and provide contextual intelligence.


Measure, optimize and hyper-personalize the right message using the best channels.


MAPTUAL makes it possible to turn your machine learning outputs into production pipelines.

For Sales Teams

How does MAPTUAL Field help Pharma Sales Reps overcome challenges?

How MAPTUAL Field can help Sales Reps when sales are declining

It is always best to have an upward trend in the sales data, but what happens when the reports come back and sales are in decline? Being able to identify where you are losing business can help mitigate the sales decline nightmare. MAPTUAL Field makes it easy to see, at a glance, where the market share is shifting. In the Spotlight Segments, you are able to see quickly where you are losing business, where there is potential to grow your business and where growth is occurring. Near real time data from the MAPTUAL Field platform means any Sales Rep can see the trends and be able to build on what is happening. This allows you to bring the utmost value to physicians, who in turn bring utmost value to their patients.

New Territory, New Challenges. MAPTUAL Field can make it much easier

If you are an experienced Pharmaceutical Sales Representative entering a new geographical area or therapeutic area, it can be difficult for you to know the HCPs that are your customers. It is incredibly time consuming to start discovering which HCPs to contact, how to prioritize them, and when to contact them. Imagine if you had answers to all of those questions without having to spend hours and hours on trial and error. MAPTUAL Field allows you to act much more proactively and get up to speed more quickly than sifting through spreadsheets and multiple dashboards of data. Instead of being buried in the never ending chore of sifting through data, the insights MAPTUAL Field provides at your fingertips gives you the information you need to get going in a new territory and spend time connecting with new HCPs with confidence

Sales Rep Stories: How MAPTUAL Field
is being used today

Turn Hours into Minutes: How MAPTUAL Field Saves Pre-Call Planning Time

Multiple dashboards, spreadsheets and data from various sources makes for a time-consuming process, even for an Excel expert. From Pharma Sales Reps like you, we’ve heard that each call requires approximately 15 minutes of prep flipping between all the platforms needed to reference before contacting an HCP. That adds up to about 75 minutes a day, every day! Using MAPTUAL Field, Sales Reps have been able to reduce their pre-call planning to an average of one minute per call. With one dashboard giving you real-time, predictive insights about HCPs, you will feel less overwhelmed needing to crunch data and more empowered to take action quicker.

MAPTUAL Field Gives Pharma Sales Teams Timely and Relevant Insights

The real-time, predictive analytics of MAPTUAL Field are making the lives of the Sales Reps, Sales Managers and National Sales Directors easier. The forward-looking potential helps Pharma Sales teams be more proactive and relevant compared with just using historical data. Sales Reps can find insights that they are able to use to have more impactful and more meaningful conversations that align with business objectives. Even during business restructuring, MAPTUAL Field can scale and shift, plus the Sales team continues to have access to relevant data to continue performing even as the business objectives are continuing to be updated.

For Head Office Teams

How does MAPTUAL Sphere help Head Office Teams with strategy and planning?

How MAPTUAL Sphere Helps Your Pharma Business With Effective Budget Allocation

In the past, when allocating budget, the reference point is sales representative intel, district sales manager intel, regional manager intel and so on. Collaborating on bringing all this information together from various sources is time consuming and can be overwhelming. With MAPTUAL Sphere, the process of deciding whether budget should be allocated and, if so, how much budget is allocated is simplified because all of the insights are in one place. The data can be exported from MAPTUAL Sphere and used to create a sound budget proposal. This helps to ensure that the decisions around budget allocation are confident and realistic. Real-time insights available to head office teams through MAPTUAL Sphere make budget proposals and allocation much easier.

Improving Operational Efficiencies and Managing a Decline in Market Share with MAPTUAL Sphere

Market share decline can sometimes be identified at a territory level or even up to a national level. Usually the strategy for mitigating a decline in market share would involve reaching out to colleagues to try to gather insights and look at various dashboards to try to build a story that could show the reason for the decline. Coordinating gathering the data from different people and various sources takes a considerable amount of time. The use of a consultancy to help manage an ad board may be used with time and cost considerations as well. With MAPTUAL Sphere, at a glance, you can look at specific HCP lists to see where your opportunities are and so you can choose the right people for your events and reach out to them through the right channels.

How MAPTUAL Sphere is impacting Pharma Marketing Teams?

The Big Picture in Real Time: Customizing Marketing to Drive Business Impact with MAPTUAL Sphere

MAPTUAL Sphere reduces the time it takes for pharma marketing teams to get the insights they need to optimize campaigns - instead of waiting months for analysis, the results are real-time. Additionally, the insights in MAPTUAL Sphere allow marketers to understand how to create more segmented lists enabling them to tailor messaging for different groups of HCPs. Converting generic messages into a more targeted approach, which gets the right message to the right customer through the right channel, increases the efficacy of marketing campaigns. For example, inviting high value physicians to an advisory board would become more targeted in who is invited, the message that they receive and which channel is best to deploy the invitation.

Real-Time Actionable Insights

Scalable and Dynamic Feedback Loop

MAPTUAL is scalable to the size of your company and types of data available. As your company grows its database, MAPTUAL expands the system capability in line with your growth.

Real-Time, Predictive Insights

MAPTUAL applies unique and proprietary algorithms to deliver real-time, predictive insights to your pharma sales and marketing teams, so they can deploy their resources more efficiently and create hyper personalized customer engagements.

Omnichannel Attribution

Sales and marketing teams can measure the value of each customer engagement and refine campaign delivery and resource utilization. Use Omnichannel Attribution to guide which message to use, with each customer, at the right time.

What our Pharma Customers say about MAPTUAL

I use MAPTUAL primarily for business planning, to determine where, how, and who I want to target. I can qualify prospects easily, prioritize where to go, and tailor my calls & time.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

MAPTUAL simplifies my pre-call planning by consolidating multiple data sources in one. So whether I'm in my car and load MAPTUAL on my tablet or at home on my computer, it's very simple. I meet a lot of customers and I only spend five minutes on MAPTUAL before I connect with them.

National Sales Director
Pharma Company

MAPTUAL saves me a lot of time during my pre-call planning. I no longer have to create an Excel spreadsheet because MAPTUAL does it for me. I have saved at least 30-50% of the time that it would normally have taken without MAPTUAL.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

My experience, and much of the feedback I’ve heard from others, is that MAPTUAL simplifies pre-call planning. You have a One-Stop-Shop where you can easily visualize the behavior of that physician. It’s much easier than just a whole bunch of raw data or a different number-based interface. I think the visualization is key.

National Sales Director
Pharma Company

MAPTUAL has brought me lots of success meeting new physicians and learning about new clinics and opportunities. There was one physician in particular where I had been in the area countless times and it wasn't until I got MAPTUAL that I discovered that this physician was hidden on the third floor.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

I have been very much enjoying the starter segment on MAPTUAL. I discovered new physicians from the starter list and new clinics that I didn't know even existed.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

I really like the rising stars segment, with the predictive modelling, it helps me figure out who the rising stars are that can help grow the business. The higher the Powerscore, the higher their potential to impact the business. There’s something interesting with knowing who has the biggest upside.

National Sales Director
Pharma Company

MAPTUAL allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of my business. Personally, I am really enjoying the Powerscore feature. It gives me more insight and concrete calls to action.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

I use MAPTUAL primarily for business planning, to determine where, how, and who I want to target. I can qualify prospects easily, prioritize where to go, and tailor my calls & time.

Sales Representative
Pharma Company

MAPTUAL plays an integral part of my day-to-day operations as it allows me to focus on the customers that matter most.

Top-Tier Specialty Sales Leader
Pharma Compnay