Describe working at ODAIA in one word.
Exciting. It feels like there is an adventure every day, where no day is like the previous. That is why ODAIA is such a fulfilling workplace.
What’s the best part about working at ODAIA?
We get to see how our actions directly impact customers. The reaction from customers and their feedback makes me feel valued.
What makes ODAIA so unique?
Each individual's diverse background and through the tight-knit relationships that are created, I find that it's a lot more human.
Why did you join the ODAIA team? 
The collaborative and open environment was a crucial part in wanting to work at ODAIA. I saw the diversity in the workforce as well as the mission and goals the company outlined, which resonated with many of my values. I wanted to enjoy the people I work with, while being able to learn new things, all of which I am able to do.
Why do you believe in ODAIA's products? 
The Pharma industry needs a digital transformation, and I feel like MAPTUAL can really do that. The product changes the way users work and open many new opportunities while solving a critical issue. Moreover, the idea that we can actually make an impact, actually help people, makes me believe in the company and the product.
Describe the Culture at ODAIA.
It's a phenomenal, collaborative community of inclusivity and diversity we have here at ODAIA. There is a lot of different talent from all walks of life. We are constantly encouraged to come up with unique ideas and trusted to make important decisions. The culture encourages everyone to help one another with cross-departmental collaboration.

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Employee Spotlight

Jordan Neville
Engineering Team Lead
Simone Oliveira
Associate Product Marketing Manager
Matthew Varga
Full Stack Software Engineer
Parth Patel
Business Development Associate
Sheldon Rodrigues
Head of Marketing
Laura Ricci
Head of People and Culture
Hazel Walker
Business Operations Associate
Leo Vasconcelos
Front-end Software Engineer
Zhou Fang
Senior Software Engineer