Striving for greatness

A Message to Future

ODAIA Interns

What would our interns like to say to you? If you’re considering a summer internship, co-op job or remote opportunity as part of your experience before joining the workforce, do it at ODAIA. You won’t regret it - you’ll be able to do the job you love, build your career, learn from talented and knowledgeable staff and really develop your skills. Because you’ll get to participate at a high level within your team and the company, you’ll see the work you do impacting our product and organization.

Find an Internship that Fits You

How do you know if you’ll really fit into a company? It may be difficult to see how you will fit within an organization, but you’ll be a great candidate for our internships if:
You are working on your growth mindset and ready to rise to any challenge
If you see a problem, you want to solve the problem and are ready to contribute to that solution
Getting into high gear doesn’t intimidate you - you’re ready to put what you’re learning into practice and can do it in a fast-paced environment
If these attributes sound like you, we would love to see your application come through!
First Impressions
This is not your average internship experience. We are committed to an environment of mentorship and learning. If you are looking for a remote internship in software development, engineering, digital marketing or sales that is collaborative, community-focused and allows you to actually apply what you have learned in school - ODAIA has opportunities for you!
The Leadership Team
Enjoy the fast-paced environment of a startup combined with skilled and experienced leadership. Interns at ODAIA feel welcomed, appreciated and supported by our leadership team. In a startup like ODAIA, interns like you have multiple opportunities to collaborate directly with our leadership team members and benefit from developing their skills under their guidance.
From day one, you will feel how supportive the teams are at ODAIA. At ODAIA we value individual's with diverse backgrounds in education, and work and life experiences. Our interns can tell you that teamwork is based on respect and kudos. We value everyone's unique skillset. We offer internship opportunities where you feel involved, receive help, and see the impact of your work.

Start a Career You Love & Shape Your Future

The majority of our interns enjoy the culture, work and benefits of being part of ODAIA so much they stay on in full-time roles once their internship is over. You’ll come for the experience but stay for the people, the work-life balance and the impact you get to make.
You’ll be highly involved in your team and cross-departmentally, even during a summer internship or an extended 8-month internship, and you’ll make great relationships with like-minded people.
Like any startup, working at ODAIA is fast-paced, but we also respect that everyone needs to find a work-life balance for their wellbeing.
The amount of hands-on experience you get to have in your role levels up to a huge impact on our company, and getting to see that impact inspires all of our staff, every day.
Regardless of whether you transition into a full-time job with ODAIA, an internship with us will enable you to grow your skills and confidence in a way that will help you grow your future career.
What’s Unique About ODAIA’s Remote Work Culture?
Remote internships, at ODAIA, offer a level of flexibility that is dynamic and helps you feel connected to our community. We believe that trust is key to productivity and doing our best work. You’ll get to know Odaians throughout the company, as well as on your own team.
The Internship Journey  at ODAIA
Our interns love the ODAIA startup experience where they can really see their progress in a fast-paced environment. Being part of a company that is developing cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology puts you at the forefront of the future of data science.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion

We respect the experience and perspectives of everyone regardless of differences. The more we can learn from each other, the more we can maintain and improve an unbiased and friendly workplace.