Shows elements of the MAPTUAL dashboard with pharma related 
A mockup of maptual's dashboard, shows a list of HCPs and their ranking
A mockup of maptual's dashboard, shows a list of HCPs and their ranking
Shows elements of the MAPTUAL dashboard with pharma related 
A glimpse of the MAPTUAL dashboard features with mockups of data analytics for pharma commercial teams
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Enhancing HCP Engagement through MAPTUAL

Watch our experts explain how MAPTUAL creates a unified experience with meaningful touchpoints
to better engage with your HCPs.


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Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers from pharma companies around the world, have to say about MAPTUAL by ODAIA.

"After the pandemic, all our assumptions were thrown out the window. We now have a way to measure the value of all our marketing and sales channels for each of our HCP customers".

Director, Omnichannel Marketing

"MAPTUAL allowed us to measure the direct attribution of our marketing and sales activities to Rx, at the individual HCP level."
Marketing and Sales Lead

"With MAPTUAL, we are able to deliver HCP segments and targeting priorities to the field force on a weekly basis, as opposed to semi-annually".

Sales Operations Director

“I’m looking forward to using MAPTUAL because this is a new way for us to interpret data”

Pharma Sales Rep

“Usually I just see a snapshot of one time period, MAPTUAL is really easy to interpret and then look at the trends over time which is fantastic.”

Pharma Sales Rep


Pharma's Customer-Facing
Teams are Transforming to Digital

The global pandemic has changed the customer-facing pharma business, forever. With direct access more difficult than ever, and HCP preferences shifting permanently toward digital engagement and personalized support, digital transformation is now a main priority.

Ready to Leap Forward with the Power of AI and Predictive Analytics?

ODAIA’s Trend Report highlights the key trends facing pharma today to embrace AI.

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Learn More About Our Product MAPTUAL

A digital tool that makes next best action recommendations, identifies HCP receptiveness and targets effective omni-channel actions in order to achieve desired objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to MAPTUAL or looking for an HCP platform for your pharma teams, these videos will help you learn more about the platform and its features.