A Great Place to Work!

ODAIA is proud to be Certified a Great Place to Work™!

Company & Engineering Team Culture

A career at ODAIA means joining a company that values:


Challenges and obstacles are opportunities for innovation. We are quick to adapt and always forward thinking.


We believe a relationship based on trust requires every team member to take responsibility for their actions.


We believe that respect is trust in action. Our work culture focuses on results, not time spent in front of a computer.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that being "valued, heard and respected" drives belonging, innovation and success for our people.


We take the initiative to drive value. We don’t wait for others to act because we care... like owners.


We love what we do — passionate about our customers and driven by a common mission of reducing patients' time to therapy.

What Part of the Product Does Each of Our Team Enjoy Working On?

This might be the hardest question we asked our Engineering Team to answer, because there’s a lot to enjoy about work on a product like MAPTUAL. For Zhou and Sakina, it’s about getting to learn new things and meet any challenge put in front of them. Rajnish likes to work on data testing and Matt is all about system design and Lambda architecture. For our front end, getting to work on the stylizing of the product is enjoyable for Leo and Nathan is creating the calculations for all the graphs and charts. The diverse experience of working on all parts of the products is what Matthew loves the most.

Join ODAIA's Engineering Team

Starting Your Career in Engineering?

ODAIA is a great place to launch your career! You will be starting out in a scrum-based team structure where you will learn skills that can be applied in any other developer/engineer role you may have in the future. You get the opportunity to work on cloud-based, serverless, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the potential for blockchain. Our team is also very agnostic when it comes to coding, so any databased language we can support, you can work in it!

Join a Team that’s Making an Impact

At ODAIA, we are passionate about the fact that MAPTUAL helps Pharma Sales Reps connect more effectively with doctors and other healthcare providers so that patients get the right medications sooner. Since the Pharma industry spends a considerable amount of their budgets on commercial activities, it is our hope that improvements to the efficacy of its commercial activities will see more funds being put back into R&D for new therapeutics.