o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \ o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \
o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \ o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \
o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \ o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \

ODAIA noun
o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \ o·da·ia | \ 'oh-day-yeah \

An Ancient Greek word referring to a salesperson’s “tools of the trade”


Reducing patients’ time to therapy by facilitating meaningful interactions with healthcare providers, through human-centric software powered by AI.


Guiding humans to improved health journeys through our collective experiences.

Our Leadership Team

Serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley technology executive with over 25 years of experience as a startup founder, public company executive and board member in semiconductor, IoT, SaaS and digital health. He founded Morega (exit to AT&T) and was an executive at Marvell and BlackBerry.

Philip Poulidis

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Over 20 years of experience in technology and entrepreneurship space. Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, teaching product development, design and startup creation. Host of the Making Impact Podcast, interviews with life sciences leaders about how their work impacts our lives with technology.

Helen Kontozopoulos

Chief Tech Evangelist & Co-Founder

Greater than 20 years in the IT industry with experience in leading technical teams to deliver complex customer solutions for Morega (exit to AT&T), Ceridian and Capital One.

Zak Beharie

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced Software Engineering and Product professional. With a Master's degree in Engineering Product Design, Mark specializes in new product development. Mark has worked for Morega (exit to AT&T), RBC and Tribalscale.

Mark Zou

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Eric Trépanier has over 25 years of healthcare experience. Most recently, EVP & General Manager of Medicx Health, he also served as SVP of Marketing Sciences at WebMD. Eric also worked on Wall Street for eight years investing in healthcare companies, and founded and operated a pharmaceutical consulting business.

Eric Trépanier

Chief Strategy and Customer Officer

An experienced, results-oriented Human Resources professional and leader, Laura has worked in multiple industries. Laura has comprehensive expertise in all areas of HR, including employee relations, training and development, talent acquisition, compensation, and the development and implementation of people-focused change management and strategy.

Laura Ricci

Chief Human Resources Officer

A financial leader, operational business partner and qualified CPA/CA, Rebecca has more than 25 years international experience. Most recently, CFO & Head of Talent at Nudge (exited), she also served as SVP Finance at Wave (exited to H&R Block NYSE:HRB) and in the capacity of other senior finance roles at Ceridian and Rogers Communications.

Rebecca Skvorc

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Diefenbach brings over three decades of experience driving growth and innovation in technology and life sciences. Holding leadership roles at AstraZeneca, Sunovion, Biogen, and Veeva Systems, Jim's expertise spans sales, strategy, and operations across industries. As Chief Revenue Officer, he leads a team dedicated to empowering pharmaceutical companies to use AI-powered insights for impactful engagement with healthcare professionals.

Jim Diefenbach

Chief Revenue Officer

Academic Founders

Gael Bernard, PhD


Periklis Andritsos, PhD


ODAIA is led by experienced entrepreneurs, scientists,
machine learning engineers, and industry veterans from

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