ODAIA is a data analytics, process mining and machine learning platform for customer journey analytics, predictions and optimizations.

ODAIA was founded out of the University of Toronto by Professor Periklis Andritsos (PhD), Adjunct Professor Helen Kontozopoulos together with Gaël Bernard, PhD candidate at University of Lausanne Switzerland, and Philip Poulidis, serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley technology executive.


To help companies create efficiencies and grow revenues by transforming their businesses around the customer while driving engagement and commercial growth.


To be the AI platform for every customer touchpoint across all parts of an organization.


ODAIA helps the marketing, sales and CX teams of organizations understand, predict and change the journeys of their customers. 


ODAIA processes the massive amounts of disparate data related to all customer touchpoints and activities from e-commerce platforms, CRM, CX, activity logs, clickstreams, etc., allowing our users to select certain goals (ie. increase renewal rates, shopping cart completion, cross selling, upselling, etc.) and identify which customer journeys are on track, off track or close to achieving the goals while ranking which factors are currently affecting it. ODAIA identifies the Next Best Action that you need to take at any given point in your customer's journey in order to move them towards a goal, allowing you to proactively take specific actions.  For each analysis, ODAIA also segments, clusters and classifies users so that you can better understand the bigger picture. 


All of this is offered in a web-based SaaS platform that is easy to use and deploy within your organization.