ODAIA     noun
o·da·ia |  \ 'oh-day-yeah \

Ancient Greek word that means
"that for which a merchant travels".

ODAIA is led by experienced entrepreneurs, scientists,
machine learning engineers, and industry veterans from:

Academic Founders

Gael Bernard, PhD


Periklis Andritsos, PhD

Helen Kontozopoulos
Chief Evangelist &

"I love getting up every morning and working with my team on some really cool technology that people are going
to use."

Philip Poulidis
Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder

"I love bringing technology to industries where it helps them realize exponential efficiencies."

Mark Zou
Chief Product Officer

"Anybody who has an engineering background thinks solving critical problems, problems that really help the customer or the end-user is really the bottom line. That is what gets us out of the bed every morning."

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