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Ensure your reps focus on the best opportunities and have meaningful engagements with both new and existing customers.

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Identify key trends and patterns in reps' HCP engagements, empowering managers with actionable insights for commercial success.

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What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

AI can not only make the planning process more efficient, but also predict trends so our sales teams can decide how best to approach a market segment and enhance HCP engagement. We’re excited about the potential of ODAIA helping us get breakthrough neuroscience solutions to patients faster and more effectively.

Shea Doughton
Commercial Operations Leader
Acadia Pharmaceuticals

Before our data was static & when we shared segmentation, reps would spot mismatches, saying, "This person isn't a top priority, why are they labeled as an "A"?" They felt it was a waste of time. Now with MAPTUAL, the change is remarkable. Reps are thrilled, saying, "I told you! This is the list!" when they see PowerList.

Commercial Executive
Top 10 Pharma Company

My vote was for ODAIA because of the people. And I've been proven right. They are a really good company. They have a good culture. They have a lot of great people. And that's what makes me want to work with someone.

Pharma Director
Top 10 Pharma Company

Ultimately, ODAIA has provided a solution to our needs. I am quite excited to see the results of the MAPTUAL offerings as I believe the solution is one that will drive better patient outcomes and will support our ambition. All great things!

Pharma Director
Top 10 Pharma Company

Personally, I am really enjoying the PowerScore predictive modeling. The higher their PowerScore, the higher their potential impact to the business. MAPTUAL allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of my business.

Sales Representative
Top 10 Pharma Company

Traditional segmentation methods are becoming outdated, and we must adapt to the dynamic nature of customer behavior. MAPTUAL's explainable ML insights gives our team a deeper understanding of customer behavior without overwhelming with raw data.

Geoff Nocar
Lead of HCP Experience

MAPTUAL has brought me lots of success meeting new physicians and learning about new clinics and opportunities. There was one physician in particular where I had been in the area countless times and it wasn't until I got MAPTUAL that I discovered that this physician was hidden on the third floor.

Sales Representative
Top 25 Pharma Company

My experience, and much of the feedback I’ve heard from others, is that MAPTUAL simplifies pre-call planning. You have a One-Stop-Shop where you can easily visualize the behavior of that physician. It’s much easier than just a whole bunch of raw data or a different number-based interface. I think the visualization is key.

National Sales Director
Top 25 Pharma Company

I really like the rising stars segment, with the predictive modelling, it helps me figure out who the rising stars are that can help grow the business. The higher the Powerscore, the higher their potential to impact the business. There’s something interesting with knowing who has the biggest upside.

National Sales Director
Top 25 Pharma Company

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