Customer Science: The New Science Behind Meaningful HCP Engagements

A major transformation is underway in the pharmaceutical industry as HCPs shift to digital engagement and the rapid development of machine learning and AI deliver never-before-seen insights. Leading companies and innovative commercial leaders are embracing this impending change by reshaping their go-to-market strategies to help patients.

Watch our recent discussion on the evolution of HCP engagement through the lens of Customer Science – a transformative discipline integrating data science, behavioral science, and AI. In this webinar, industry leaders will explore how Customer Science brings substantial benefits to commercial leaders, providing a deeper understanding of HCPs and their patient decisions for more effective engagement.

In this on-demand webinar video, you will:

Gain insights from experienced industry leaders on practical steps for driving innovation and making effective changes within pharma organizations.

Learn lessons from past industry disruptions and hear real-world examples of top pharma companies using AI and digital innovations to enhance customer engagement.

Understand how Customer Science transcends traditional methods and provides a concrete understanding of HCP preferences.

Examine the pivotal role of AI in powering Customer Science, enabling near-real-time actionable insights about what’s important to HCPs and ultimately reducing time to therapy.

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Geoff Nocar

Lead of HCP Experience | GSK

Geoff, a seasoned pharma leader with 26 years of experience, is dedicated to elevating customer experiences. His expertise spans various disciplines, including sales, marketing, and strategic operations, and most recently focused on bringing digital innovation to GSK’s commercial operations. Geoff excels in fostering high-performing teams and devising agile solutions to drive business growth. As Lead of HCP Experience at GSK, Geoff is responsible for the integration of digital innovations to enhance customer engagement. With an extensive background in sales leadership, marketing strategy, and launch planning, Geoff is an established speaker and thought leader in pharma commercial strategies.

Peter Harbin

VP, Industry Solutions and Strategy | ODAIA Intelligence

With over 25 years in Life Science, Pete is a respected leader, known for his market influence and expertise in Business Intelligence, Information Management, and Customer Science. Pete's thought leadership as an industry speaker has been quoted at numerous media outlets in analytics and cloud computing. Formerly a Partner/Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, Vice President at Veeva Systems, and General Manager at IMS Health (IQVIA), Pete has impacted 100+ Life Science companies across 36 countries.

Dr. Eric Trépanier

Chief Strategy and Customer Officer | ODAIA Intelligence

Dr. Eric Trepanier has over 25 year of life sciences experience. Most recently, EVP & General Manager of Medicx Health, he also served as SVP of Marketing Sciences at WebMD. Eric also has vast experience working on Wall Street where he specializes in investing in healthcare companies, and even found and operated a pharmaceutical consulting business.