Make the Most of Every Engagement

Prioritize high-value opportunities and optimize outreach by focusing on the right insights in real-time with ODAIA Field.

A Single Solution For Every Step of the Sales Process

ODAIA Field provides ML-driven, personalized insights so that reps can understand WHO their best opportunities are, WHEN to engage with them, WHAT to discuss, and WHY in real-time.








"Our reps are 100% sold on MAPTUAL and its value to provide insights for a more relevant and timely engagement with customers, rather than just reach and frequency."

Geoff Nocar,
Lead of HCP Experience at GSK

Intelligent HCP Selections

Pick who to visit easily, with data analysis and personalized insights all rolled up into one easy-to-understand PowerScore. HCP scoring and weekly call lists based on recent activity and predicted behaviors are some of the ways Field makes your planning easier.

Dynamic Call Planning

Learn an HCP's behavior and recent script activities to strengthen the foundation of your engagements. By visualizing detailed, individualized information, Field helps you understand the 'why' behind each connection you make.

Connect with relevance & Timeliness

Discuss the most relevant topics through an HCP's most responsive channel. Field correlates your engagement history with an HCP's data to provide you with the topics, channels, and times that drive the greatest impact.

Continuously Improve

Understand your impact and where your opportunities lie moving forward. Field is constantly ingesting new data and refreshing it's insights so you can see changes in HCP PowerScores, predictions, and top channels as they happen in real time.

What our pharma customers are
saying about MAPTUAL Field

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82% of sales executives feel their sales reps are challenged by the time it takes to properly analyze territories.

Field user's have seen 60 mins saved per rep per day on pre-call planning.

Purpose Built for Pharma

Business Planning
Create quarterly, monthly, and weekly strategic plans easily with granular insights and analyses.
  • PowerScores
  • Personalized Target Lists
  • Predicted Activities
Pre-Call Planning
Maximize customer engagements by reducing the time it takes to prepare 
for them.
  • Recent Activities
  • Behavioral Trends
  • Top Channels & Topics
Find Opportunities
Identify HCPs before they write, with patented models to help you find and proactively education your next customer.
  • Patented ML models
  • Patient Population Analysis
  • Personalized HCP Insights

Features & Benefits


Real-time & Relevant Insights

Our solution enables you to get personalized insights about HCPs as soon as your data refreshes.
  • HCP PowerScores represent an HCP’s likelihood to support your brand objectives
  • PowerScores are available for any therapeutic area and multiple products in your portfolio  
  • PowerList sorts HCPs by PowerScores so you can easily focus on the right HCPs and identify new opportunities

A holistic view of your HCPs

Our Behavioral Segmentation allows you to prioritize your target HCPs.
  • Bring hidden opportunities to light with behavioral segments like Starters which identify HCPs who are likely to begin writing your product soon
  • Understand past and predicted behavioral trends to create more personalized engagements
  • Go beyond the script to get a holistic view of your customers to better support them and their patients needs

Proactive and Personalized Engagement

HCP Script & Volume charts provide the right information to drive engagement with HCPs
  • Analyze your brand’s performance compared to competitors for each HCP
  • Act on new opportunities and strengthen current relationships with a deeper understanding of the HCPs supporting your brand
  • Be better equipped for your engagements with recent script & volume values and future predictions for every product your HCP writes