• Philip Poulidis, co-founder of ODAIA

How Will Pharma Engage Physicians In a Post-COVID World? Meet Maptual.

Every year, statistics show that the pharma industry spends a disproportionate amount on traditional marketing and sales tactics, at a severe loss to R&D and, ultimately, patient care. However counter-intuitive, the increase in spending isn’t because these tactics are working, it’s because they’re not.

The industry was long overdue for a digital transformation, and the COVID-19 pandemic only made that more apparent. Without face-to-face meetings, pharma reps have lost access to 80% of their customer base and are stuck behind their screens wondering where in the world their physicians are and how to get to them. While tools like Zoom and Excel help, it’s not enough when reps are still using rules-based methodologies that operate on prescription data that was sourced a year ago. The pandemic set a new pace for HCPs to run at, and they’re not turning back, so making decisions based on annual or semi-annual data analysis will only result in pharma falling behind even more.

That’s why pharma needs a platform with precise, real-time data that gives reps actionable customer insights at scale.

Maptual: AI-Powered Insights Making Pharma Smarter

With ODAIA, I saw an opportunity to help pharma companies better reach and engage physicians now and in a post-COVID world. We’ve put together the brightest minds in artificial intelligence, data science, and pharma to build a solution that predicts and optimizes the customer journey and has been battle-testing our AI against tens of millions of rows of data for the past three years.

So we’re thrilled to unveil Maptual -- the first truly AI-powered platform for pharma, that uses real-time data to identify the value of each tactic and channel at the individual level, and generate personalized actions to drive peak engagement.

By integrating all sales and marketing touchpoints, customer behavior, prescription transactions, claims data, patient support programs, together with other data sets, into a single platform, Maptual lets you spend less time looking at dashboards and spreadsheets, and more time engaging your customers. To give you an idea, in one case study, Maptual analyzed 17 million rows of CRM, Marketing, and Rx data to deliver actionable insights that drove nearly 4x improvement in new prescriber conversions.

This product gives reps the confidence to reach the right doctor with the right message through the right channel, potentially saving each rep up to 10 hours of weekly manual planning and analysis. Ultimately, this boost in productivity will enable pharma to redistribute resources traditionally spent on static analytics to what matters most - patient care.

We’re honored to help an industry that has long needed this kind of platform to fully transition into the digital age, in fact, we’ve already seen success for a number of top-10 pharmaceutical companies. To guide the further development and commercialization of Maptual, we’re excited to welcome Michael Cloutier, the former CEO of AstraZeneca Canada, and a demonstrated leader across the pharma industry with deep strategic expertise and commercial experience at a national and global level. I’d personally like to thank our team, investors, partners, and our experts for supporting us in Maptual’s development.

To learn more about how we’re taking pharma into the future, visit www.maptual.ai