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ODAIA and Synergistix Team Up to Help Pharma Commercial Teams Optimize Engagement Through Predictive Analytics

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March 1, 2023

TORONTO – March 1, 2023 – Today we announced taking steps towards forming a business partnership that opens the door for future collaboration with Synergistix, a leading provider of sample accountability and CRM solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The future collaboration will aim to equip pharma commercial teams with AI-powered predictive analytics to drive business growth through more direct, efficient and timely conversations with HCP customers through deployment of the Synergistix Customer Analysis and Targeting System (CATS) software suite.

“Synergistix’s industry-leading CRM platform combined in the future with ODAIA’s AI-driven insights can enable sales representatives to have more meaningful interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs),” said Philip Poulidis, ODAIA CEO and co-founder. “We ingest multiple data sources into our AI models to deliver insights beyond what most pharma clients receive today, including physician-, territory- and national-level Rx forecasts and HCP-level channel preferences. These insights help pharma commercial teams personalize their messaging to HCPs, and improve their ability to achieve their business goals.” 

ODAIA leverages data from prescriptions, medical claims, population demographics and socioeconomics  to take the guesswork out of sales targeting and forecasting. A recent ODAIA study, which explored how AI helps pharma teams overcome today’s market challenges, found that over six months, ODAIA MAPTUAL helped sales reps save an average of 70 minutes a day on call preparation, increased HCP contacts by 32 percent, and ultimately increased new patient starts by six percent, resulting in a highly favorable return on investment (ROI). 

“Since our founding in 1997, we have always been focused on getting therapeutics to the patients that need them and now we can do it more efficiently,” said Don Schenker, Synergistix President and CEO. “With predictive analytics as accurate as ODAIA’s, pharma sales teams will have optimized segmentation that automatically updates an individual customer's segment when their behavior changes. This will ensure that communication is relevant for HCPs, which will help build their trust.”

This news comes ahead of the Synergistix conference March 1st – 3rd in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The three-day event features sampling solutions, elements of effective life sciences CRM ecosystems, managing data transformation into information for successful sales teams, compliance and enhanced sampling programs. Attendees can also expect top-tier networking opportunities from peers and thought leaders alike. To register or find more information about Synergistix Collaboration Conference 2023, click here.


ODAIA is a leading provider of automated commercial predictive insights trusted by global life sciences organizations. ODAIA leverages proprietary data-driven and AI-powered methods to identify distinct population subsets and their healthcare providers in the most efficient way possible. With ODAIA’s highly scalable and quick-to-deploy software-as-a-service platform, MAPTUAL, pharma sales reps can more efficiently engage with HCPs, sales managers can more effectively coach their teams, and marketers can gain a deep understanding of their market and develop campaigns that deliver business results. To learn more about ODAIA, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

About Synergistix

Since 1997, Synergistix has driven the commercial success of Life Sciences companies by enabling them to build strong customer relationships and highly effective sales teams. As the leading provider among CRM for Life Sciences companies, the company is valued for its collaborative approach, respected for our technical excellence and trusted to provide industry-leading security and innovation.




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