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ODAIA Partners with Veeva to Accelerate Adoption of AI in Life Sciences

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May 7, 2024
ODAIA is first company to join Veeva AI PartnerProgram and provide industry’s first GenAI solution for Veeva Vault CRM. Company to deliver LLM-driven, real-time, predictive insights in Veeva Vault CRM for sales to enhance call planning, pre-call insights, and HCP engagement.

Veeva Commercial Summit — May 7, 2024 — ODAIA today announced it is expanding its product partnership with Veeva Systems, joining the Veeva AI Partner Program to advance the use of Generative AI (GenAI) in life sciences. As the first product partner in the program, ODAIA will deliver an integrated GenAI solution that provides real-time, predictive insights right in Veeva Vault CRM. Sales teams will be able to enhance call planning and pre-call planning to drive more targeted, relevant, timely, and personalized engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The ODAIA platform, MAPTUAL, is the first and only Customer Science cloud for pharma that combines data science and behavioral science with AI and machine learning to gain a deep understanding of HCPs and their patients’ journeys. MAPTUAL analyzes vast amounts of data to predict future HCP behavioral trends and prescribing patterns in real time. Innovative companies, including three of the top 15 largest biopharma organizations, use ODAIA to improve HCP targeting and engagement and get treatments to patients faster.

“GenAI is a new technology that is rapidly evolving. Veeva’s strategy is to enable our customers and partners to develop AI solutions that work well with any Veeva Vault application,” said Paul Shawah, executive vice president of commercial strategy at Veeva. “Giving sales reps AI-driven, real-time insights can simplify and enhance pre-call planning, which can drive more valued engagement with HCPs.”

Typical GenAI copilot approaches depend on users writing multiple prompts to generate the desired answers and outputs, but results are often inconsistent. The ODAIA GenAI solution features a guided-large language model (LLM) designed to automatically ingest and process data. Now companies can surface and deliver summarized insights for sales reps with greater accuracy the first time – all without user-generated prompts.

ODAIA tells sales reps everything they need to know before visiting an HCP, from prescribing behavior and competitive insights to patient triggers and personal and non-personal promotional activities. Using the Vault Direct Data API to access Vault CRM data, the ODAIA LLM engine will provide tailored insights instantly in Vault CRM, giving sales reps details directly within their current workflow as they prepare for their week, day, or individual call.

“Sales leaders want their teams focused on engaging HCPs, not prompt engineering and figuring out the right questions to ask a copilot tool. Our LLM engine automatically delivers insights users wouldn’t even think to ask about,” said Philip Poulidis, CEO at ODAIA. “With Veeva’s high-speed Direct Data API, we can provide sales reps with clear and actionable real-time details in Veeva Vault CRM to enhance the entire HCP engagement process, making it more timely, relevant, and effective.”

The ODAIA GenAI solution is currently in early adoption phase with select customers. General availability within Vault CRM is planned for Q3 2024.

To learn more, attend ODAIA’s Innovation Theater Session at Veeva Commercial Summit on Wednesday, May 8, from 12:30 - 12:45 PM in the CRM Suite Theater. CEO Philip Poulidis will demonstrate the use of advanced AI capabilities to automate data analysis and deliver personalized GenAI-powered insights in Vault CRM. To schedule a meeting with the ODAIA team at the event, visit


ODAIA is the leading AI company helping life sciences companies innovate their commercial strategies using Customer Science. The company’s cloud solution, MAPTUAL, integrates data science, behavioral science, and AI to gain a deep understanding of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their patient decisions across the entire customer journey. To learn more about ODAIA, visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn.



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