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Empowering the Pharmaceutical Industry's Next Generation of Engagement with Health Care Professionals

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February 9, 2022

If there is one thing we’ve all learned during the past year it is how quickly things can change, and how critical it is to have real-time information. This has been prevalent in almost all aspects of life, but one of the most vital has been in the healthcare industry. In a field where everything is moving quickly, those in health care need to have the most up-to-date data in order to make informed and timely decisions about life-altering therapeutics for their patients. This extends to those in the pharmaceutical industry, which has been a pressing issue for many years.

MAPTUAL powered by ODAIA is revolutionizing the world of pharma by combining the power of artificial intelligence and data. We help pharma sales & marketing teams engage with HCPs (Health Care Professionals) in a more personalized manner which helps bring life-altering therapeutics to the right patient, at the right time.

"After the pandemic, all our assumptions were thrown out the window. We now have a way to measure the value of all our marketing and sales channels for each of our HCP customers". - Director, Omnichannel Marketing

How the Pandemic Intensified the Challenges of Creating Better Connections Between Pharma Sales Reps and HCPs

Pharmaceutical sales reps would normally meet HCPs face-to-face prior to the pandemic, allowing them to have rich and insightful conversations. Sandra, a pharma sales Rep who manages the Northern Region, is someone who has experienced this obstacle of shifting to virtual meetings firsthand throughout the pandemic. She has been in the industry for many years and has faced plenty of challenges through the process, but nothing to this extent. The connection points for building relationships and increasing engagement between the pharma sales reps and HCPs have dropped tremendously. Sales reps like Sandra, have to spend an inordinate amount of time looking through multiple dashboards, spreadsheets, and data from various sources trying to make sense of what those conversation starters can be, in order to build engaging relationships. Despite the forced change, Sandra still wants to meet her targets and engage in successful partnerships with HCPs. Sales reps like her are having to spend more time trying to piece together data, sacrificing personal hours, and putting their lives on the back burner in order to meet their targets with their current processes.

MAPTUAL Empowers Pharma Sales Reps and Saves Time 

The challenges that Sandra and other pharma sales reps face are not out of the norm for pharma companies that lack the right tools for this digital-first world. But it doesn't have to be the norm anymore. MAPTUAL is a solution that helps alleviate these challenges. It gives pharmaceutical sales Representatives like Sandra, leaders in marketing, and commercial operations, vital information. This information is generated from sources such as physician’s data and HCPs who are the key opinion leaders in the space. It helps them know exactly what is going on in the professional lives of the HCPs and what kind of drugs they’re prescribing to their patients, in real-time. With that in-depth knowledge, Sandra can have richer conversations with HCPs now that she has visibility into what is currently happening in their world and what they truly need. This not only positively impacts Sandra’s time at work, but now with the relieved stress and reduction on time spent trying to find that next connection, she can truly enjoy life outside of work too - such as finally being able to make time for the family movie night she has been promising her son for months.

“Currently, we're entering a room with a flashlight. With MAPTUAL, the light switch is on and we can now see the entire room” - Pharma Sales Rep

MAPTUAL is engineered to give those in the pharma industry valuable, real-time actionable insights and feedback loop so that they can better connect with their HCPs. Gone are the days of spending countless hours sifting through spreadsheets and multiple data sources. MAPTUAL provides a centralized source for HCP insights, which reduces the time spent interpreting data and allows users to spend time on what matters most - actioning insights and building better relationships with HCPs.

Feedback Loop: Results in predictive targeting updated in real-time to deliver high-value insights on your customers.

PowerScore: MAPTUAL delivers a real-time AI-powered PowerScore that shows the propensity for the customer to change behavior and respond to sales and marketing tactics.

Who Benefits from MAPTUAL the Most

MAPTUAL hasn’t only benefited sales reps such as Sandra but has elevated the work experience of all her co-workers and other positions in the pharma industry such as sales managers & ops, marketing managers, IT departments, and C-Suite executives. With the new ease of workflow and increase of capabilities, all employees in Sandra’s company have benefited from the platform in some way. This has allowed for work-life balance to be achieved and has led to higher employee morale.

“Employees who think they have a positive work-life balance are more productive and dedicated by 21 percent than those who don't think so.” - Forbes  

In addition to increased productivity, having employees who have a better work-life balance also leads to reduced employee turnover, elevated customer experiences, and an overall more positive work environment.

*The names and stories used for our personas are fictional, but the quotes are from real MAPTUAL users

Recognition across the board 

Not only has our solution MAPTUAL, gained recognition by those within the industry, but it has also caught the attention of lead investors, as they see the value and growth potential of partnering with us to continue to innovate and scale. 

Investors contributed $13.8M in an oversubscribed round during our recent Series A funding round in January. - As featured on TechCrunch

Learn more about our Series A funding in ODAIA Raises Series A Funding in an Oversubscribed Round blog article. 

Digital Transformation in Pharma

The digital transformation that is occurring in the pharma industry is still in its early stages. Disruption can be uncomfortable, and we understand people can be resistant to new technologies that they don’t yet fully understand. What we do know is this: AI is going to empower people within the pharma industry, like Sandra, by saving time and effort on getting the right information they need to make valuable connections with HCPs, and help improve the lives of patients around the world.

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