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ODAIA Raises Series A Funding in an Oversubscribed Round

Written by
Philip Poulidis
Published on
February 10, 2022

Today we announced our Series A of $13.8M USD in an oversubscribed round, led by Flint Capital with participation from Innospark Ventures, Alumni Ventures and Graphite Ventures. We are also grateful for the continued support of our investors that have been with us since the beginning of our journey such as BDC Capital’s Women in Tech Fund, MaRS IAF, StandUp Ventures, Panache Ventures and others. We are excited that they see the value and growth potential of partnering with us as we continue to deliver transformative solutions to commercial teams in pharma.

Investors contributed $13.8M USD in an oversubscribed round during our recent Series A funding round in January.
ODAIA Raises Series A Funding in an Oversubscribed Round

Tech entrepreneur turned venture capitalist Andrew Gershfeld, who currently serves as Partner at Flint Capital, will advise us and represent Flint on our board of directors. “The emergence of this 'new normal' is broadening the horizon of new opportunities in the life sciences sector,” says Gershfeld

“With the industry lagging in digital transformation, there are more and more startups in the market to fill the gap. The ODAIA team has a wealth of experience in the enterprise software industry and Flint Capital is glad to be a part of this bright team.” - Andrew Gershfeld, Partner at Flint Capital

Also joining our board of directors is Matt Fates, Venture Partner at Innospark Ventures. “We are excited to partner with ODAIA as they bring powerful yet intuitively usable analytics and machine learning to empower the commercial side of Pharmaceutical companies,” says Fates. 

“The healthcare marketplace is changing rapidly and ODAIA will help pharma adapt, getting therapies to the patients who need them even more effectively.” - Matt Fates, Venture Partner at Innospark Ventures

Learn more about the Series A press release on TechCrunch.

The Origins of ODAIA and MAPTUAL: 

Watch our Expert Series on Enhancing HCP Engagement through MAPTUAL:

MAPTUAL is our flagship platform, it acts as the centralized orchestration engine for the entire commercial operations team in a pharma company (marketing, sales, medical liaisons, management) to drive more informed and impactful prospecting and customer engagement strategies.

Our goal at ODAIA is to help put the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of a pharma company’s commercial team, so they can uncover market and competitive trends, segment and target with a personalized omnichannel approach in order to deliver the right message at the right time, to the right HCP, through the best channels. With the ultimate goal being to bring life-altering therapeutics to the patients that need them at the optimal times and more efficiently than ever before. 

“Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies in delivering life-changing treatments to patients in the most efficient way possible by integrating robust data with software solutions and AI.”  - Philip Poulidis

ODAIA was founded within the University of Toronto in 2018 after years of research and development in the areas of process mining, customer journey mapping, and AI. Some of the early research work was centered around analyzing patient journeys and using AI and Machine Learning to optimize those journeys. It evolved over time to include the analysis of many different, but related, data sources, including prescriber transactions, anonymized patient health claims data, population demographic and socioeconomic data, anonymized lab data, and more.  

All of this research and engineering development work culminated in the launch of MAPTUAL, a SaaS platform that analyzes the data sets outlined above to provide predictive insights, prioritize and dynamically segment physicians that are treating patients who would be ideal candidates for target therapeutics. Four of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies have leveraged MAPTUAL for actionable and predictive commercial insights.

The global pandemic has changed the customer-facing pharma business. Health care providers’ preferences are shifting permanently toward digital engagement and personalized support. Digital transformation is now a top priority.

“You only get one opportunity to get in early in an industry which is ready to transform with artificial intelligence. Pharmaceutical commercial teams are using our product and it’s enhancing their workflows, creating data driven sales and marketing decisions in real time - it's a very exciting journey to be on.”  - Helen Kontozopoulos 

Learn more about digital transformation in pharma in our Empowering the Pharmaceutical Industry's Next Generation of Engagement with Health Care Professionals blog article.

We’re Mission Driven

The life sciences space is extremely data-rich but lacks in scalable predictive commercial analytics. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for multivariate data analysis and predictive insights of life sciences data - in a single human-friendly platform. Our roadmap includes features and capabilities that will enable life sciences companies to better understand the journey of their prescribers and patients and react in real-time by leveraging data and AI.  Our mission is to help bring life-altering therapeutics to patients that need them in the most timely and efficient ways possible.

Philip Poulidis and Helen Kontozopoulos
Co-Founders of ODAIA

Philip Poulidis

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley technology executive with over 25 years of experience as a startup founder, public company executive and board member in semiconductor, IoT, SaaS and digital health. He founded Morega (exit to AT&T) and was an executive at Marvell and BlackBerry.

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