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ODAIA to Showcase the Impact of AI in Pharma at Upcoming Industry Events

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April 23, 2024

TORONTO — April 23, 2024 Pharma experts and AI innovators from ODAIA will be the featured presenters at top industry events this spring. Speakers will share how pharma companies are advancing their commercial strategies using Customer Science, a transformative discipline that integrates AI with data science and behavioral science for a deeper understanding of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and what motivates their patient decisions.

Veeva Commercial Summit, Boston, May 8, at 12:30 p.m. EST

Philip Poulidis, CEO, will demonstrate the use of AI to find, select, and engage the right HCPs. It typically takes months for marketing to complete customer segmentation and targeting, which is refreshed once or twice a year. When there’s a marketplace change, an entirely new data analysis must be done, taking more months before sales gets updated plans of action to start engaging HCPs.

Poulidis will show ODAIA MAPTUAL completing this process in minutes, not months. Marketing can set new brand objectives, use advanced AI capabilities to automate data analysis, and deliver personalized GenAI powered insights in Veeva CRM MyInsights. Sales reps can prioritize which HCPs to contact, how best to engage them, and get treatments to patients months faster.

PMSA 2024 Annual Conference, Denver, Colo., May 8, at 11:10 a.m. EST

Matthieu Buot de l’Epine, lead machine learning engineer and Pouyan Jahangiri, director of data science and machine learning, will discuss improving prediction accuracy in prescription modeling using hierarchical machine learning techniques and time series data. Creating accurate and consistent forecasts at the individual HCP, territory, state, and national levels is critical in the pharma industry because of the limited shelf life for medicines and significant impact of prediction errors to resource allocations, financial planning, and regulatory compliance.

Buot de l’Epine and Jahangiri will discuss how a hierarchical model enables simultaneous predictions and outputs at every level and integrates insights for better consistency and accuracy in forecasting, supporting pharma companies in planning and executing their commercial strategies more efficiently and effectively. 

Reimagine Pharma Marketing, Long Branch, N.J., May 21, at 1:45 p.m. EST

Eric Trépanier, chief strategy and customer officer, will be joined on stage with a top 10 pharma customer to discuss the use of AI to provide never-before-seen insights into HCPs and dramatically improve marketing and sales rep decision-making. Traditional approaches like next best action and segmentation and targeting fall short in delivering meaningful customer experiences.

Speakers will share how commercial pharma innovators are embracing Customer Science to better understand HCPs and drive engagement. Commercial organizations can break the limitations of rules-based systems and historical data analysis to deliver valued HCP experiences using more timely and relevant insights.

Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 24, San Francisco Calif., June 5, at 3:30 p.m. PST

Phillip Poulidis, CEO, and Zak Beharie, CTO, will discuss the successful deployment of machine learning applications for commercial use cases in pharma. The process for transferring data includes cumbersome secure file transfer protocols (SFTPs), slow computing power, and complex data agreements.

Poulidis and Beharie will share how to overcome data transfer limitations using the Snowflake Native App Framework, ODAIA machine learning, and pharma customers’ proprietary data to achieve better ROI. Customers retain total data control, streamline their commercial processes, and seamlessly deliver predictive insights to their commercial organization. 

To learn more about ODAIA, schedule a meeting with our team at Veeva Summit, PMSA, Reimagine, and Snowflake Data Cloud Summit. Learn more about all our upcoming events here.

ODAIA is the leading AI company helping life sciences companies innovate their commercial strategies using Customer Science. The company’s cloud solution, MAPTUAL, integrates data science, behavioral science, and AI to gain a deep understanding of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their patient decisions across the entire customer journey. To learn more about us visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn



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