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How to Improve Operational Efficiencies in Pharma with MAPTUAL

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April 19, 2023

As the pharmaceutical industry becomes more competitive, it is increasingly vital for companies to find ways to improve operational efficiencies. Many pharma sales teams rely on a customer relationship management (CRM) platform and multiple pharma data repositories as reference points to inform their day-to-day operations. However, gleaning meaningful insights from these disjointed and often out-of-date systems can be challenging for even the most tech-savvy sales reps. The next generation of AI predictive analytics tools enables pharma commercial teams to harness the power of data when prospecting, qualifying, and engaging customers. 

A fresh approach to the sales process

Over the past three decades, CRM tools have been at the heart of sales strategy. While many systems have improved over the years, many are still little more than a glorified spreadsheet, demanding constant time and maintenance to stay functional for sales reps. Fortunately, modern AI predictive analytics tools go beyond traditional CRMs, offering sales teams a new way to operationalize data, automate insights, and manage customer relationships without extra effort. 

Thanks to the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data and generate actionable recommendations, predictive analytics helps pharma companies optimize their sales strategy on multiple levels. For sales reps, these tools help prioritize accounts, streamline pre-call planning, and improve individual healthcare provider (HCP) relationships. For leadership teams, predictive analytics tools help drive effective high-level strategies and communications, enabling organizations to be proactive instead of reactive in complex markets.

Not all predictive analytics tools are built the same. Rules-based predictive analytics tools use formulas and algorithms to analyze sales data and predict future trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) powered predictive analytics tools, like MAPTUAL, start with proven algorithms, then learn from customer interactions and incorporate market shifts to consistently update their approach. While both tool types can help an organization streamline its sales process, only AI-powered tools continuously evolve to produce even better results the more a company leverages them.

Enabling more personalized communications at scale

AI-powered Predictive analytics tools like MAPTUAL Field empower sales teams to prioritize calls and take a more personalized approach when interacting with every customer, without wasting time flipping between multiple platforms to find essential information. Insights based on history and current market trends help reps quickly develop an actionable plan for existing customers and identify new customers likely to be warm to their offerings. With access to this information, in one platform, pre-call planning time is reduced to about one minute per HCP while also enabling a more targeted approach through the optimal channel, at the opportune time.

The benefits of MAPTUAL Field are threefold: 1. It helps our representatives identify their next best audience. 2. It simplifies pre-call planning. 3. it helps us improve our competitive performance because we can finally intercept the most impactful opportunities with the right group of customers at the best time.” Pharma Sales Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company

Predictive analytics can also drive personalization for large-scale marketing initiatives with organizational tools like MAPTUAL Sphere. AI-driven customer analysis breaks down silos across an organization's contact records, history, and timeline to enable more effective market segmentation, tailored messaging, and channel optimization. It also allows near real-time analysis of the effectiveness of A/B strategies across different channels. Predictive analytics help connect your HCP contacts with the most compelling content for them, whether from a rep or marketing channel, to put your company ahead of the competition by providing them with the most relevant information.

MAPTUAL Sphere holds all of our data. It’s our one-stop shop for understanding the effectiveness of each tool we use to disseminate our messaging. It allows us to create individualized plans for each of our customers. It actually helps us mine insights that will ensure we differentiate and win for the patients.” - Pharma Marketing Manager, Top 10 Pharma Company 

Your whole organization on the same page

Predictive analytics tools like MAPTUAL Sphere help your organization see the big picture by offering near real-time insights into trends across your company and market. Multiple data sources quickly combine into a cohesive summary easily shared across your people. Is a decline in sales geographically isolated or nationwide? How should budgets and resources be allocated to capitalize on a recent market change? How can you prepare to meet your customers’ needs next month and next year? AI empowers your leadership teams with the complete picture to enable informed decisions at critical moments.

Better for pharma, better for patients

Healthcare innovations and next-generation treatments only have the opportunity to change lives when they make it to the patients that need them most. Predictive analytics are revolutionizing how pharma organizations communicate with HCPs, from individual sales calls to national marketing campaigns. With MAPTUAL Field, your sales reps are empowered to plan more impactful calls with greater chances of successful engagement. MAPTUAL Sphere helps your leadership turn disjointed data into proactive business decisions that get your products to more of the patients that need them, faster.

Download the ODAIA Case Study to learn more about how a Top 10 Pharma Company saw operational lift in the first six months of using MAPTUAL Field:



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