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Bridging the Gap Between Patients and Therapeutics: Predictive Analytics Helps Pharma Businesses Get the Right Treatments to Patients Faster

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November 30, 2023

In today's competitive pharmaceutical marketplace, connecting patients with the most effective therapeutic options for them is more important than ever. Marketing tools with predictive analytics are making it easier for pharma companies to engage well-matched healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their patients. By understanding the needs and preferences of HCPs, these intelligent tools can help pharma companies create targeted and personalized sales pitches and marketing campaigns that ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

How does predictive analytics help pharma companies engage the right people?

Predictive analytics are automated programs with the ability to scan through large datasets to identify important patterns and make informed guesses about what will happen next. Today’s most cutting-edge predictive analytics platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) so that the system gets smarter over time and adapts as markets change, meaning its insights and predictions get better the more a company uses it. Across multiple industries and functions, these tools are transforming how companies operate.

Many pharma companies are now using AI-based predictive analytics to find better ways to connect with HCPs and patients. With the power of AI, companies can intelligently and accurately segment customers and deliver a more personalized messaging experience to each individual. For example, an AI-based platform can track and analyze data like an HCP’s demographics, email opening behavior, and prescribing rates to help identify which accounts are most likely to respond to an email about a specific promotion. Further, analyzing these segments across HCP databases can help companies identify HCPs that aren’t in their network, but could be good matches for their products. These tools can also help sales reps have better calls by offering insights that help them quickly tailor their conversations to a specific HCP’s preferences, interests, and professional needs. 

How can AI-driven marketing help pharma companies better understand their customers?

With the power of predictive analytics, pharma companies gain a powerful tool for uncovering strategic insights into their HCPs and patients. This technology helps companies gather data-driven knowledge about customer preferences, interests, and behavior and trends that may impact their sales. Dynamic segmentation breaks customers up by what factors motivate them to action, going beyond labels like “dabbler” or “power user” creating segments with greater meaning. This deeper understanding can result in more relevant and personalized campaigns that resonate with customers, and customer summaries can help sales reps choose more engaging topics for a particular call. 

When AI is part of the equation, companies can also track customer engagement with digital campaigns and ads to measure their success rate and better tailor future strategy. These platforms can also incorporate consumer feedback to create better customer experiences and relationships over time. 

AI-driven customer analysis helps pharma companies better understand their customers, so they can make better informed decisions about where they will have the greatest impact for HCPs and their patients.

How can AI-driven marketing be used to deliver the right message at the right time?

A message is only the right message if it is delivered to a potential customer at the right time. Predictive analytics help take the guesswork out of timing by identifying trends in HCP behavior and suggesting when a given customer segment is most likely to take action on a particular message. This allows for highly personalized communication that takes into account an HCP’s unique needs and situations. AI-based tools can also help marketing teams identify the best channels for a particular campaign to make sure that messaging finds customers where they are most likely to read it. 

In the field, predictive analytics platforms can help sales reps determine the best time to make calls to a particular HCP to increase the likelihood of a conversion. Analysis lets team leaders look at the big picture and help direct their reps to the areas of their geography that are most likely to respond well to a new promotion or have a need for a new treatment.

An effective AI-driven marketing strategy can lead to improved HCP interactions and satisfaction, so patients get treatments faster.

Connecting with patients using AI-based marketing

While HCPs are the most common target for pharma marketing, predictive analytics tools can also help companies create and target campaigns for the patients that are most likely to benefit from their treatments. AI can help identify what channels will be most likely to connect with patients and what messaging will best help them have critical conversations with their HCPs about treatments they’re interested in. These interactions offer another opportunity for connecting with HCPs that might not yet be in a sales rep’s network, but are treating patients that are good candidates for a particular drug. This offers another way to get the best treatments to the right patients faster.

Using AI-driven predictive analytics for your pharma marketing 

AI-driven predictive analytics has become a powerful tool for pharma companies to better understand their customers and engage them more effectively. It can provide invaluable insights into HCP preferences, behaviors, and interests that can be used to inform campaigns. By understanding and leveraging the power of AI, pharma companies can connect with HCPs and patients like never before with more targeted, personalized, and effective communications to get the right treatments to patients faster. 

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