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Target, Predict and Engage. ODAIA's MAPTUAL extends from the field to the head office, giving Pharma commercial teams access to AI-powered predictive and actionable insights.

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June 1, 2022

Designed and engineered for marketing and brand managers, sales operations, and sales management teams, MAPTUAL Sphere is complementary to our flagship product, MAPTUAL Field, which was specifically feature-engineered to guide and optimize sales rep activity in the field for prospecting and prioritizing their health care professional customers. MAPTUAL leverages AI to power data-informed tactics and engagement strategies by utilizing near real-time predictions that go beyond static insights. 

MAPTUAL Field offers sales reps a dynamic “HCP PowerScore” that adjusts in near real-time to the propensity of that HCP treating and prescribing to patients in a certain therapeutic area based on a multitude of data sets. It sets up the field force for success with a one-stop-shop platform that offers actionable customer insights and drives high-impact pre-call and territory planning.

With MAPTUAL Sphere, pharma sales, marketing, and commercial operations managers can uncover the precise business impact of each physician-focused marketing and sales activity with near-real-time omnichannel attribution together with predictive microsegments that allow for hyper-personalized tactics thus creating greater value for HCPs at the right time and through the best channels.  

MAPTUAL Sphere offers a bird's eye view at the national, regional, or territory level, “moving from the field to the atmosphere”. The potential for sales and brand managers to get a holistic perspective over larger territories will significantly change the way they utilize their precious resources, as they better understand the precise impact of various campaign and sales efforts on HCP segments and allow them to visualize physician microsegments that they can serve with more precise and relevant messaging.

The mission of MAPTUAL Sphere is to offer the head office teams of pharma a predictive insights and analytics customer data platform that is adaptable in the face of changing market dynamics. 

Aggregated Brand Analytics

Just like MAPTUAL Field, MAPTUAL Sphere aggregates both internal and external data to deliver a one-stop shop for the marketing and brand teams. The regular infusion and analysis of data give teams near real-time visibility into the overall market, HCP segments, and competitive trends, allowing them to be the most effective and responsive to their customer needs.

A comprehensive 360° view of an HCP's timeline is included for every HCP. This not only consists of the CRM data but all the events analyzed by MAPTUAL’s AI-powered platform.

Salesforce Optimization

With MAPTUAL Sphere, teams will be able to predict and compare segments and market dynamics, directing their next steps in the most optimal and efficient way continually course-correcting as new data comes in and insights are being updated.

Dynamic and Predictive HCP Segments in Near-Real-Time

MAPTUAL users are now able to visualize customer segments and how they are predicted to impact their brand objectives as well as how they respond to sales and marketing activities. Microsegments can be easily viewed and filtered to quickly identify physicians that are predicted to be: growers, rising stars, switching out of the brand, new prescribers, most responsive to email, and many more.  

The new way to connect with HCPs 

When it comes to MAPTUAL Field and MAPTUAL Sphere, users discover HCPs that may not be on their radar, that they could approach with more timely and relevant messaging. This helps to optimize sales and marketing resources while also helping deliver the most relevant messages to HCPs at the most optimal times. 

With MAPTUAL Sphere, pharma head office teams in sales, marketing, operations, and management, have visibility into insights, predictions, and microsegment-based targeting that would have only been possible with large data science teams and multiple data sets. Instead, with MAPTUAL, your brands can be onboarded in a matter of days, leaving your teams to focus on what they do best.


ODAIA is an AI-native software company with headquarters in Toronto and offices in Boston and Paris, with a mission to reduce patients’ time to therapy by facilitating meaningful interactions with healthcare providers, through human-centric software powered by AI.

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