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ODAIA Wins Emerging Technologies Guru Award at National Innovation Celebration

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September 9, 2021

Toronto AI Startup Honoured by the Channel Innovation Awards for its Pharmaceutical Industry Commercial Insights Platform

Toronto, ON, April 29 2021 – ODAIA is pleased to announce that it has been named the 2021 Emerging Technologies Guru of the Year for its innovative product MAPTUAL that serves the biopharmaceutical industry. The win was announced yesterday at the Channel Innovation Awards virtual awards ceremony.

The Channel Innovation Awards were established by digital media IT World Canada and Channel Daily News to recognize technology innovators who have developed pioneering products and services breaking new ground and winning in a crowded and disrupted market.

ODAIA’s MAPTUAL is an AI-powered insights platform for biopharma companies. It takes a holistic approach that applies process mining, customer journey mapping and AI to deliver predictive insights and recommendations for commercial teams.

”Pharma’s holy grail has always been to give the right message, to the right customer through the right channel at the right time. This vision has been difficult to act on, as pharma data has remained siloed, static and not integrated. Traditionally, customer segments have been defined using rules-based approaches. MAPTUAL delivers a way to put the customer at the centre, allowing brand teams to better allocate precious marketing resources, and sales teams to hyper-personalize their engagements to their ‘next best audience’ with the ‘next best channel’ in real-time,”

explains ODAIA’s Orchid Jahanshahi, VP Commercial Life Sciences. In a recent case study with a Fortune 500 pharma client, MAPTUAL analyzed 17 million rows of CRM, marketing and prescription data to deliver actionable insights that drove nearly 4x improvement in new prescriber conversions.

MAPTUAL “lets the data do the talking”, eliminating rules-based bias. It generates valuable insights using a combination of a company’s own first-party data plus 2nd- and third-party data.

MAPTUAL was created with a vision to leap-frog pharmaceutical analytics. The use of AI allows the platform to predict the best activities through various channels with a speed and precision that is not humanly possible with traditional spreadsheets and dashboards. This allows pharma to save resources that can be reallocated to patient-based tactics such as digital therapeutics or back into drug development.

“The Channel Innovation Awards are important recognition for companies who develop breakthrough solutions, seek niche opportunities, and break new ground in serving partners and customers.”

Fawn Annan, CEO, ITWC.


ODAIA has innovated the first AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) that pioneered the combination of process mining, customer journey mapping and AI to deliver goal-driven commercial insights and process automation as a SaaS.

ODAIA offers a self-serve platform: MAPTUAL, serving the biopharma industry.

Learn more at,, read their blog, or follow them on Twitter @ODAIAai, or on Linkedin.

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