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The Digital Pivot in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Philip Poulidis

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September 10, 2021

This interview and post was originally produced by The IT Media Group.

Executive Insights is a videocast series featuring exceptional leaders. Nasheen Liu, Partner and SVP of CIO Program Strategy at The IT Media Group speaks with senior IT and business executives across industries to share best practices for navigating through challenging times.

This episode features Philip Poulidis, CEO & Co-Founder of ODAIA, a Toronto-based AI start-up that’s already making an impact in the digital health space. We explore the digital pivot in the pharmaceutical industry and why data and AI-powered decision-making is critical for finding efficiencies in pharmaceutical sales activities. Philip offers his perspective about how to embrace technology as an opportunity for those in the industry who might be reluctant to change.


ODAIA has innovated the first AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) that pioneered the combination of process mining, customer journey mapping and AI to deliver goal-driven commercial insights and process automation as a SaaS. ODAIA offers a self-serve platform: MAPTUAL, serving the biopharma industry.

Learn more at,, read their blog, or follow them on Twitter @ODAIAai, or on Linkedin.

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